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Things always change, and you are meant to adapt to these changes in order to survive. Such has been the case during the past few weeks. First of all, personally, I moved out of the halls of residence on-campus to a house near campus. Though my initial plan was to get into another University to take advantage of a free ride, it did not turn out to be possible. So, my contract at the halls lapsed and I had to move out. Even though it’s been hard to settle into a house with random people and leave really close mates, I think it turned out for the best. Being alone for a majority of the day will give me more time to work on personal projects. Hopefully, I’ll be able to concentrate on entrepreneurship/hacking more, and it’ll turn out to be a free ride in disguise. 

On a more global note, the financial situation still doesn’t seem to be improving. All the more sign that there are huge opportunities lurking in the dark. So, I’ve decided to follow a strict schedule to take advantage of this financial crisis(codenamed project GVRV). Right now, I get a new idea almost everyday, but it’s useless if I cannot manage to execute it. So it’s probably for the best that I try to shell out a prototype of something every month, even if nothing else, it’ll improve my skills. One more thing to note is that the VC community is Australia is almost non-existent. Even though VC money is moving out of the US, I don’t think significant amounts of it are reaching Australia. So, this is the perfect combination for a first time entrepreneur. I have to bootstrap my startup, execute it from start to finish and try to get people to use it. I think this will be one hell of a learning experience. I’m just waiting for the AU$3000 scholarship payment that I’ll get by the end of March after the census date. If I can have a couple of prototypes ready by then, I can make sure the launch will be smooth and easy. Till then, I’ll just have to try and get some seed funding for legal advice and business registration costs. I’m meeting up with Peter Williams in the near future, and I’m sure he’ll have some really helpful advice for a first-time entrepreneur like me. I’m also going to try and get as many connections as I can for PYD. The scope and opportunity behind PYD is huge, and if I can’t manage to exploit it before the start of the second semester, it’ll be an opportunity lost. Anyways, expect a whole load more updates in the future, especially after I get Internet at my new place, around mid-March.