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I started my college education in India, but soon realised that if I ever wanted to get serious about the startup scene I had to move somewhere else. The ideal place to move would’ve been Berkeley or Palo Alto, but I chose Melbourne. The reason is simple, Melbourne hasn’t yet made it as a startup capital, but still the entrepreneur community in Melbourne is very happening, atleast that’s what I think after staying here for almost a year and visiting some entrepreneur meetups. The thing is, for a 20 year old, it’s hard to start a startup anywhere on Earth. People don’t take you seriously, you’re just starting out and you have no mentors and hence, no contacts in the industry. 


I don’t care about people not people not taking me seriously, because at this point all I need for my code to do the talking. I also think that I’m not just starting out anymore, I’m 20 now, and I’ve got enough coding experience to venture out into the startup world. But the only point of concern is that I’ve not got a mentor. So far, everyone who I admire in the field of either programming or entrepreneurship, can’t stress the importance of having a mentor. But I think mentorship is overrated. Seriously, no one wants to waste their time mentoring young kids, and the ones that do, charge money for mentoring. The concept of mentorship is now seen as a business model. There have been instances when entrepreneurs have given me their business cards, and I have tried to contact them, but they’ve not even replied. I think the more time you waste trying to find a mentor, thats time you don’t spend developing your software/brand/company. And hence, I think mentorship is no more required. The only thing you need is contacts. And you can make contacts in your industry easily by just going to networking events. That’s where melbourne rocks. We’ve got Melbourne Twitter Underground Brigade, Silicon Beach Melbourne Drinks, Mobile Mondays, Social Media Breakfast, The Churchill Club, and many many more. So don’t feel low if you have no mentors, I think you can do just fine without them. What do you think?