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There have been a lot of comments about Arrington or Scoble recently, about how they’re not good journalists and how they’re misusing their authority. As someone who has been following a lot of mainstream blogs since quite some time, this is my opinion. I love mainstream blogs. They are there so that I can get my news from a single source rather than search through hundreds of thousands of blogs. It’s like a human filter that brings the best news to me. And generally, because they’re an authority in a niche, they are the ones to break news or get insider tips. Some of them even live blog certain tech events and bring real time news to my reader. You cannot beat that. And Arrington and others have worked days and nights to get their blogs up there. They have made sure they attend every event, network with every startup, break every story and spend 20 hours a day blogging whereas there are a million other blogs which just re-publish whatever mainstream bloggers write and thrive on it. So they deserve the authority they have, cause they work hard for the breaking the news. 


But thats where it stops. They only provide better news. Raw facts, fast. You may not agree with their opinions. And everyone can have an opinion about any news story. So, opinions are best found elsewhere. Even more analytical articles are better to be found elsewhere. Because there are always smarter people elsewhere with their expert opinions. So even though TechCrunch can tell me about the latest startup launch, I don’t trust them about whether it’s good or bad. I check it out myself, I read the startup’s blog, I see a demo, I read through founder bio’s and their blogs. This gives me the complete picture. I see whether the community is liking the software, what first reviews are like, and then make my own decisions. And that’s why I read TechCrunch before I read Hacker News. Get the news, before forming an opinion. 


So, I don’t mix up news with views. I highly regard Mashable, TechCrunch and other blogs as news breakers. But I’ll still read reviews on other hackers’ blogs and then form my opinion. So people should not take mainstream blogs as absolute authorities. Neither should they take it personally if they are not featured. Arrington first wrote about “Twttr” the day it was launched, but didn’t mention “Twitter” till a year later. So take it in your stride. What do you think?